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Get text description automatically

REPORT z_get_text. DATA: text(255) TYPE c. DATA: text_identifier_obj TYPE REF TO cl_text_identifier. START-OF-SELECTION. CREATE OBJECT text_identifier_obj. CALL METHOD text_identifier_obj->read_text EXPORTING tabname = ‘MARA’ fieldname = ‘MATNR’ fieldvalue = ‘C075′ IMPORTING text = text EXCEPTIONS internal_error = 1 illegal_call = 2 illegal_table = 3 illegal_field = 4 no_text = 5 record_required = 6 illegal_record = 7 [...]

Create dynamic internal table

First, I will introduce some usages of abap’s reference(pointer) variable1. Define reference variableStatement: DATA f TYPE REF TO DATA.Effect: Declares the data object f as a reference variable. Reference variables contain references(pointers) to data objects. 2. Instantiating reference variableStatement: CREATE DATA dref TYPE type.Effect: Creates a new data object (field) with the specified type. Once [...]

Classification related tables

Table Description Transaction INOB Material->Class Type CL20N KSSK Material->Class Type->Class   KLAH Class Header   KSML Class->Characteristic   CABN Characteristic Header CL02 CABNT Characteristic Descriptions   CAWN Characteristic Values CT04 CAWNT Characteristic Values Text  


领导参观 生产线停产 这两者不知道是谁把它们划上等号的

Get metadata of a abap variable

Statement: DESCRIBE FIELD f. You can get variable’s length, output-lenth, type, components, decimals etc.

How to select a folder on presentation pc

CALL METHOD cl_gui_frontend_services=>directory_browse CHANGING selected_folder = folder. CALL METHOD cl_gui_cfw=>flush. Notice: 1. you muse use the second statement, otherwise the return result is space. 2. In ITS 6.20, directory_browse method is not available, maybe we want a patch. For detail information, please refer to notes 709275.