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1. 下载SAP提供的JCO包,将下面的文件解压缩到一个文件夹,这里假定为d:jco sapjco.jarsapjcorfc.dlllibrfc32.dll 2. 修改环境变量PATH,增加d:jco3. 修改Domino的notes.ini文件,在JavaUserClasses里面增加d:jcosapjco.jar4. 在命令行运行: java -jar d:jcosapjco.jar, 会弹出一个对话框,显示JCO API、JCO middleware、JCO library的版本和路径,如果没有报错信息就表示OK了.

New string fucntions in 4.6C

The CHARLEN and NUMOFCHAR functions are now available for strings. CHARLEN returns the length of the first character in a string or a character-type field. In single-byte code pages, this is always one. In R/3-compatible multi-byte code pages, this can be either 1 or 2. NUMOFCHAR returns the number of characters in a string or [...]