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订单变TECO状态后,所有的组件清单打上了删除标记,以前一直认为无法和手工删除的进行区分 通过查看同事的代码,发现可以查询JEST表的I0013状态进行区分,在此小记。

An example of reading and writing data from external utf8 oracle db

REPORT z_xam_test2 MESSAGE-ID zfd001. INCLUDE: rscpicinc. DATA: name(200) TYPE c, hex_name TYPE xstring. START-OF-SELECTION. EXEC SQL. connect to ‘SHFW’ ENDEXEC. IF sy-subrc <> 0. WRITE: AT /1 ‘error on connecting to db’. EXIT. ENDIF. * METHOD 1 of read data EXEC SQL. select email_info_text into :name from ecc_qm.email_send_info where email_info_id = 1 ENDEXEC. PERFORM conv_from_utf8 [...]