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这个FM立意很好,把Excel的内容直接转换为内表,不过有诸多限制,如: 一是每个CELL只能导入前50个字符,二是如果超过9999行,行号会初始化为从零开始 其实我觉得这不是大问题,最不好使用的是他的输出内表的结构,是行号、列号和值的形式,在程序里面只能动态访问,代码看起来很不直观。 看这个FM的源代码实现还是很有特点的,使用了剪贴板的功能,这样在操作Excel中大的数据量的时候性能会比较好。因为没有特别仔细看源代码,对使用TAB做字符串SPLIT有点疑惑,如果单元格内容中有TAB如何处理?

Set parameter as listbox in report program

1. Syntax of defining the parameter. PARAMETERS: p_werks TYPE mard-werks AS LISTBOX VISIBLE LENGTH 6 USER-COMMAND ON_CHANGE_WERKS DEFAULT ’1000′ OBLIGATORY. The addition USER-COMMAND can be used to assign a function code fcode to the dropdown list box. The function code fcode must be specified directly and can have a maximum length of 20 characters. 2. [...]

What is dialog step?

A dialog step is used by Basis consultants as the unit of measure for system response time. A dialog step is the processing needed to get from one screen to the next. It includes all processing that occurs after the user issues a request, up to and including the processing needed to display the next [...]

about v1, v2 and v3 processes

V1 – Synchronous update V2 – Asynchronous update V3 – Batch asynchronous update These are different work processes on the application server that takes the update LUW (which may have various DB manipulation SQLs) from the running program and execute it. These are separated to optimize transaction processing capabilities. Taking an example – If you [...]

About the R/3 lock

To complement the SAP LUW concept, in which bundled database changes are made in a single database LUW, the R/3 System also contains a lock mechanism, fully independent of database locks, that allows you to set a lock that spans several dialog steps. These locks are known as SAP locks. ENQUEUE AND DEQUERE function modules [...]