What is dialog step?

A dialog step is used by Basis consultants as the unit of measure for system response time.

A dialog step is the processing needed to get from one screen to the
next. It includes all processing that occurs after the user issues a
request, up to and including the processing needed to display the next
screen. For example, when the user clicks the Enter key on the Change
Vendor: Initial Screen, he initiates a dialog step and the hourglass
appears, preventing further input. The sapmf02k program retrieves the
vendor information and displays it on the Change Vendor: Address
screen, and the hourglass disappears. This marks the end of the dialog
step and the user is now able to make another request.

There are four ways the user can initiate a dialog step. From the SAPGUI:

* Press Enter.
* Press a function key.
* Click on a button on the screen.
* Choose a menu item.

From: http://www.saplib.com/what-is-dialog-step/

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