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Document about lnformation Structures

Here is the online help of information structure. Customizing menu: Logistics – General -> Logistics Information System(LIS) -> Logistics Data Warehouse -> DataBasis

[转载]SAP MM Purchasing: Send Purchase Order by mail to vendor in SAP

昨天系统里采购订单邮件发送给供应商的功能突然不能用了,协助相关人员核查原因,折腾了有4、5个小时。最终原因是和负责pd文档f存储的Content Server相关,不过期间查了N多notes和google,对与如何实现采购订单邮件发送给供应商的原理也有了比较清楚的认识,下面的这篇文章说的已经比较细致了。 原文链接: SAP MM Purchasing: Send Purchase Order by mail to vendor in SAP This blog explains the steps involved in SAP ECC to send purchase order by email to a vendor as an attachment. Sending Purchase order by email to a vendor is called as an “External Send” in SAP. To achieve this [...]


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debug update mode function module

1. Update mode function module will be excuted until commit work statement is excuted. 2. In order to debug in update mode function module, you have to setting “Update debugging ” to on status. 3. You can create a breakpoint when a function module is called. For more information, please refer to Update debugging or [...]