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note about studying ALV in abap webdynpro

Simple Example for Using ALV1. create component2. create component controller’s context NODE_FLIGHT, dictionary structure: SFLIGHT, attribute of structure: CARRID, CONNID NODE_FLIGHTTAB, dictionary structure: SFLIGHT, cardinality: 0..n, attribute of structure: CARRID, CONNID, FLDATE, CURRENCY, PLANETYPE, SEATSMAX, SEATSOCC and PAYMENTSUM clear property of dictionary structure to prevent ALV component from showing all the fields of structure SFLIGHT3. [...]

Note about studying ABAP WebDnypro

Source Tutorial URL:Web Dynpro for ABAP Prepare: Question: Can not open view design preview Solution: Active necessary service use transaction SCIF, NOTES: 1008689 Tutorial 1- Create a simple Web Dynpro Application 1. create Component 2. create View 3. embed View in the Main window 4. create View Context Node, name is FLIGHT_NODE, structure is SFLIGHT [...]

[转载]Web Dynpro: ABAP or Java?

原文地址: Web Dynpro: ABAP or Java? Ah. The beauty and agony of choice. As you may have heard, SAP NetWeaver 2004s will support Web Dynpro (WD) development using ABAP – previously only a Java domain. As a SAP customer and developer you now have a choice to make: Do I use ABAP or Java to [...]